Why am I receiving a new invoice so soon after I made my first payment?

All Alliance invoices are sent monthly, at the end of the month.

During your initial purchase, you will have been charged a prorated amount for the first partial month plus the initial setup fee (the setup fee applies to Virtual Office plans only).

If you made your purchase near the end of the month, your next full invoice will be sent shortly afterward, at the end of the partial month.

How Prorated Invoices Work:

If you placed an order part-way through the month, your first invoice will be prorated since your term did not start on the first day of the month.

That means you will only pay a partial fee for the remaining days of the month (plus the one-time setup fee).

Example: Let's say the Virtual Office is $50 per month starting March 15th:

  • $50 / 31 days = $1.61 per day
  • $1.61 x 16 remaining days in the month
  • Your prorated amount = $25.80

Your second invoice - and all future invoices - will be sent on the last day of the month. This is for the full amount for the upcoming month.