How can I rent a conference room or an office for a day?

To rent a conference room, meeting room, or an office at an Alliance location, you can either make the booking online or have our team do it for you.

To Book Online:

  • Search for a meeting room or office location through the Alliance website, here
  • Once you have found a suitable room, proceed with online booking
  • Our reservations team will confirm your booking directly with the center, including any additional requests
  • We will contact you to confirm the booking. If the room is unavailable, we will suggest alternative times and/or locations.

Assisted Booking:

Call our team on 888-869-9494 or email with the following information:

  • Preferred location
  • Time and date
  • Size of room (number of people in the meeting).
Our team acts as your personal concierge. We provide rapid confirmation of your meeting arrangements, including any special requests.