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Can I get a lease agreement for my Virtual Office?

Are you considering a virtual office and wondering if you can get a lease agreement? While we don't provide a traditional lease agreement for virtual offices, we do offer an Address Certification Letter, which serves a similar purpose. We'll explain the Address Certification Letter and how you can obtain one from Alliance Virtual Offices.

Why You May Need an Address Certification Letter

An Address Certification Letter can be beneficial for several reasons, including:

  1. Satisfying legal or business requirements
  2. Providing proof of a commercial business address for banking or licensing purposes
  3. Meeting the requirements for specific permits or accreditations

Alliance Virtual Offices understands the importance of having proper documentation and automatically sends an Address Certification Letter when a new account is confirmed.

How to Obtain or Request a Resend of Your Address Certification Letter

If you have recently opened a new account with Alliance Virtual Offices, you should have already received your Address Certification Letter. However, if you didn't receive it or need it to resent, contact our support team at 800-775-5715 or support@alliancevirtualoffices.com.